The astonishing video shows a group of people lifting a car in order to rescue a child who ended up under the wheels while crossing the road.

Surveillance camera footage captured in the city of Bijie. In China’s south-western province of Guizhou, showed the child getting run over by the blue car on 27th March.

To save the boy’s life, a group of people who witnessed the scene can then be seen running towards the vehicle and joining their forces to lift it up and get the boy out.

One man can then be seen carrying the child down the road to seek medical assistance. It not disclosed whether the child’s condition was stable.

Meanwhile, a young woman standing on the pavement is observed covering another child’s eyes to shield him from witnessing the distressing incident.

A group of people lifts a car to rescue a child after a car crash. In Bijie, Guizhou, China, undated. More than 20 passers-by carried the car to rescue him. (AsiaWire)

The clip triggered an avalanche of reactions on China’s version of TikTok, Douyin. Leaving many users unable to refrain from commenting.

Douyin user ‘Touch the shell and delete the lonely girl who loves Tian Niu’ said: “To be honest, drivers at the school gates seem to be in a hurry. They don’t give way to pedestrians at all.”

Then user ‘Bosom friend’ commented. “The man in white rushed over quickly.”

And ‘Azina’ added: “Thumbs up to the young mother who blindfolds her child.”

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