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This short video shows a man who managed to ride a rental bike where the saddle was missing.

The video was shot in the Chinese city of Harbin which is the capital of Heilongjiang province on 19 May.

The man was reportedly a student planning to attend an exam and only realised that the saddle had been stolen when he went to use it to get to the test.

The man had apparently use because it was quicker than using a taxi with local traffic, and reserved to bite him and his girlfriend. It’s believed it was the girlfriend that was filming as he cycled down the street she could be heard laughing as he passed her.

Online commentators like ‘Lestiyer’ said: “Terrifying waist and abdominal strength, buttocks hovering in the air.”

And user ‘Boy’ said: “Absolute Power.”

While the user ‘The Legend Of Phineas’ said: “One misstep leads to eternal regret.”

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