Resembling a scene from a Hollywood disaster movie, is the moment cars attempt to drive through a tunnel despite water cascading down from cracks in the roof.

The footage was shot at the Tuzhu Tunnel in Chongqing recently on 26th May, although the tunnel has been open to traffic for less than three years.

The water can be seen flooding down from the ceiling which appears to have caused a chunk of the roof to come loose, and after being alerted to the matter, local media reported that the emergency management department had rushed to the scene to deal with it.

Traffic police then implemented control on the relevant sections of the road to reduce the risk to drivers from the muddy water that flooded in and floated along the road.

Traffic warning cones were also set up on sections of the road.

The Tuzhu Tunnel is a one-way three-lane tunnel with a design speed of 80 kilometres per hour (49 miles per hour). It is an important channel for Liangjiang New District’s westward external traffic.

The Tuzhu Tunnel was officially opened to traffic on 29th September 2021.

Online commentators like ‘Chiyou0Eo’ said: “This is very dangerous. This project should be carefully investigated.”

And user ‘User 3f6lykw’ commented: “This is due to the heavy rain in the past few days, and has nothing to do with the quality!”

While the user ‘User fjxfbu8’ added: “It looks serious! Traffic should be closed! This is no joke!”

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