These images show a Ferris Wheel in a Chinese amusement park lit up by sparks as it catches fire due to an apparent electrical fault.

The incident reportedly took place in Jiangjunshan Sports Park in the High-tech Zone of Zhaoqing, in China’s Guangdong province, on 29th May.

The footage shows sparks flying and flames and smoke emanating from the middle of the Ferris wheel after what appears to have been a short circuit.

The park staff told local media the following day that the Ferris Wheel ride had not yet been opened for operation.

One staff member told local media: “There are a lot of light tubes on the Ferris wheel, so it might be a circuit problem.”

Another staff member said on 30th May that the park was busy debugging its equipment and was unable to receive any visitors.

Online commentators like ‘Yuexin’ said: “Such dangerous projects should be banned.”

And user ‘Deep Love’ said: “Hot Wheels.”

While the user ‘Rushing Forward ‘ said: “Cut off the power supply immediately.”

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