This is the shocking moment workers are left hanging from a skyscraper after being caught in high winds.

The footage was shot outside the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) headquarters building in Beijing where a group of men hanging from ropes had been cleaning the windows of the 51-storey building around 3 pm on 30th May.

According to eyewitnesses, when the men had started the job the weather had been clear but dark clouds started to form a short while later and were quickly followed by strong winds.

More than a dozen men who had been cleaning the windows on the facade of the building were left hanging from ropes and swinging in the sky buffeted by the strong winds.

The BBC’s China correspondent Stephen McDonell posted on X (formerly Twitter): “Think yourself lucky you’re not a window cleaner on Beijing’s CCTV tower.

“Here they were dangling on ropes swinging through the air this afternoon after a flash storm hit.”

The CCTV Headquarters building stands at 768ft tall, slightly shorter than the Canary Wharf Tower in London, making it one of Beijing’s tallest skyscrapers.

Online commentators like ‘My World’ said: “They were told it just looks dangerous, but it’s not safe at all.”
And user ‘Troublesome Things’ said: “Oh my god, can’t we design high technology for this dangerous job?”
While the user ‘Beijing Silly Monkey’ said: “How much money do you get per day for such a dangerous job?”

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