This is the hilarious moment the steering wheel falls off during a high-speed rally and amazingly the driver tries to hold it in place and continue even though it keeps coming loose.

The bizarre incident took place during the 2024 China Taklimakan International Rally on 25th May.

The committee reported how the steering wheel of the No. 307 car from the Jidao team fell off several times shortly after the start.

As seen in the footage, this is dangerous not just for the driver and navigator, but also for the many people standing at the side of the track who could easily have been struck if the vehicle’s steering wheel had come loose once it was back up to speed.

The annual event travels through the Taklamakan Desert in Southwestern Xinjiang in Northwest China.

Located inside the Tarim Basin in Southern Xinjiang, it is bounded by the Kunlun Mountains to the south, the Pamir Mountains to the west, the Tian Shan range to the north, and the Gobi Desert to the east.

Social media user ‘Wei Tu Heavy Machinery’ said: “The mechanics are going to be beaten when they return to the race.”

Then user ‘Why Not’ commented: “One dares to sit, the other dares to drive.”

And ‘Carrying A Sword To Save The People’ said: “Grab a pair of pliers and hold it.”

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