This is the moment a biker hoping to impress his girlfriend pulls a wheelie – causing her to fall off the back and land on the road in front of a car.

Fortunately, the driver behind managed to slam on the brakes and put on their warning lights after the incident in Dongguan, which is a prefecture-level city in China’s central Guangdong Province.

The footage shot on the dashboard camera of the car behind shows the moment when the lights go green before the biker pulls away on the powerful two-wheeled machine.

But as he reaches the middle of the crossing, he accelerates rapidly, allowing the front wheel of the bike to go up, and tipping his girlfriend who does not have a crash helmet and is wearing shorts, backwards onto the tarmac.

Things that she is carrying that appear to include a tablet, mobile phone and sunglasses are left skidding down the road after her, with online commentators noting that if she hadn’t been holding them she might have held onto her boyfriend better!

Woman falls from motorbike and is nearly hit by a car in Dongguan, China, undated. She stood up after the fall. (AsiaWire)

Although the car behind manages to stop, she is still clearly hurt and struggles to rise, having hurt her leg and banged her head in the fall.

Meanwhile, the biker pulls over to the side of the road and runs over to help gather her property before helping her out of the way of cars.

It was not revealed if police are investigating the incident or whether the woman was hospitalised with injuries that included banging her head.

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