This is the horrific moment a wall collapses on top of a wedding procession in India, crushing eight people to death, including two children, and leaving many seriously hurt.

Video footage of the shocking disaster shows two traditional drummers leading the wedding party through a narrow alley in Ghoshi, Uttar Pradesh, on 8th December.

But as the wedding troupe are only halfway through the passage, one of the 10ft high alley walls starts to sway.

In less than a second, the entire 15ft long wall crashes down, engulfing dozens of the wedding guests in tonnes of rubble.

Rescuers say 20 people were pulled from under the bricks, nearly half of them dead or dying from their injuries.

District magistrate Arun Kumar named the dead as four-year-old Anviya, Madhav, eight, Poonam Sharma, 42, Meera, 36, Pooja, 35, Chanda Devi, 30, Sushila, 52, and Lalti, 60.

Wall collapses over people during wedding in UP’s Mau district in India, undated. At least seven people were reportedly killed. (CEN)

Local police chief Superintendent Mahesh Singh Atri said his men had seized the builders who put the wall up.

He said: “We have arrested Gyasuddin and Munnawar Hasan for building the wall that collapsed. Local police are investigating the matter.”

Yogi Adityanath, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, directed state officials to guarantee free medical treatment for the victims.

Families of the dead will receive INR 200,000 (GBP 1,907) compensation while people who were injured will be paid INR 50,000 (GBP 477).

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