This is the shocking moment a female shopper stuffs a large butternut squash up her dress before walking out of the store without paying for it.

The theft was caught on surveillance cameras at a supermarket in Shanghai, China’s biggest city that is located on its central coast.

In the video, the woman – wearing a black dress with a loose hem – is seen walking around the vegetable aisle while no other customers are around.

Then, she picks up a large, orange squash and carries it into an empty corner.

While standing there, she quickly stuffs the squash up the dress and hides it under there.

Afterwards, she continues picking out food items pretending like nothing happened.

She later casually walked up to the checkout counter – local media reported – and only paid for the groceries in her cart.

A woman hides a squash between her legs under her dress in Shanghai, China, undated. The woman then walked out of the supermarket without paying for it. (993204301/AsiaWire)

With the squash tucked in beneath her clothes, she left the store unnoticed.

Employees said they never even suspected the woman as she acted completely calm.

Her dress did not show any noticeable deformation or sagging after concealing the squash and only appeared as if she had a slight belly.

The store only became aware of her theft after watching the surveillance footage – which was later shared on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok.

Many users were shocked at her brazenness, while others wondered why she went through all that trouble for something that costs less than CNY 9 (GBP 0.9) per pound.

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