A group of tourists were filmed jumping up and down an expensive wind turbine and using it as a seesaw despite the risk of damaging it.

The group’s antics were captured by an unnamed passerby who spotted them at the Huadian Huanghuali Wind Farm, in China’s northern Hebei Province.

In the video, five people can be seen apparently having fun as they played on the wind turbine that would cost thousands to repair if damaged.

Meanwhile, others excitedly took pictures and filmed as the group jumped up and down the large blade-shaped object that was slightly lifted at the front like a seesaw.

According to local media, the seemingly harmless activity could even cause permanent damage.

Tourists enjoy riding a wind turbine blade in Baoding, Hebei, China, undated. The blade is nearly worth CYN 1.06 million (GBP 118,8 million). (AsiaWire)

Some experts said that a set of three turbine blades could be worth nearly CNY 1 million (GBP 100,000) as they are designed with a very specific angle.

State Power Investment Corporation’s Hebei Branch, which owns the farm, stated that the incident is under investigation and being dealt with.

Staff said they did not know why the blade was on the ground and so far have not checked the extent of the damages caused.

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