This is the roar-some moment terrified hospital staff and visitors flee a hospital in India after a leopard crept in for a snooze.

A cleaner disturbed the big cat while they were cleaning a room at the Aditya Maternity and Eye Hospital, in the Nandurbar district of the Indian state of Maharashtra, in India, on 12th December.

They reportedly heard it growling, with footage of the leopard showing it after hospital workers trapped it in a corridor by closing ward doors behind it.

The clearly confused and angry animal lashed out at spectators who had come to gawp at it.

A leopard roams around a hospital in Nandurbar district in Maharashtra, India, undated. The presence of the leopard inside the hospital triggered a panic among the patients. (CEN)

Wildlife experts from India’s forestry department managed to lure the leopard into a cage after three hours on the loose in the hospital.

Experts believe the big cat entered the hospital the night before, either looking for food or somewhere safe to sleep.

It is understood to have been released back into the wild after health checks.

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