This footage shows firefighters extracting a seven-foot venomous snake that was found coiled up inside a scooter.

The slippery surprise incident took place in the city of Chennai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

In the video, the snake, believed to be from the venomous bamboo viper species, had already snugly coiled itself on the scooter’s battery.

Firefighters, using snake hooks and tongs, carefully extracted it and placed it on the ground before stretching the viper out.

With one of the firefighters holding the tail and using a tong to secure the reptile’s neck region, the viper was placed into a plastic snake-handling bag.

Fire department staff rescue a snake coiled inside a scooter in Chennai, India, India, undated. The snake reportedly appeared to be a bamboo viper. (CEN)

The snake was then taken to a more suitable habitat.

Local media said that the recent severe cyclone in coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on 5th December may have forced the viper to move from its usual habitat into areas populated by humans.

The storm reportedly claimed at least 17 lives and destroyed several buildings and properties.

The bamboo viper is a slender, venomous and well-camouflaged snake found in bamboo areas. Especially in southern India, including in the state of Tamil Nadu.

It is primarily a nocturnal animal but does not hesitate to bite when it feels threatened.

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