This is the dramatic moment a car driver ill-prepared for winter crashes into a toll booth after suddenly encountering a snowed-in and icy road ahead.

CCTV cameras captured the moment the driver of a white SUV, not identified in local media, came in sliding and with his wheels screeching at the Shuangqiao Toll Station on the Chengqin Expressway, in China’s northern Hebei Province, on 12th December.

Seemingly unable to stop, the driver collided with the barriers as panicked employees quickly raised the gate arms so they would not get destroyed.

The car kept sliding for several more feet forwards against the snowy tarmac before finally coming to a halt.

Police immediately arrived at the scene and found clear impact marks on the concrete isolation pier at the toll station entrance. The right side of the accident vehicle was also left with scratches from the scrape.

A car slides on the icy road and collides with the toll station in Chengde, Hebei, China, undated. The man was from the south and had never experienced such driving conditions on icy and snowy roads. (Hebei traffic police/AsiaWire)

Fortunately, no one got injured and the driver escaped unharmed.

The driver, a native of Southern China where the weather is mainly warm and pleasant. Later explained saying they had not experienced driving on icy and snowy roads before. The road was slippery, and the car could not stop sliding.

Upon entering the toll station, the driver found it impossible to brake and. In a moment of panic, attempted to lower the speed by scraping against the toll station island.

Police deemed the driver entirely responsible for the accident and will bear all associated losses, local media reported.

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