A young woman who was live-streaming her trip to Hong Kong accidentally caught on camera the moment a stranger sexually assaulted her as she ran into an underground metro pleading for help.

The woman, reportedly a content creator from South Korea, was broadcasting her day trip on Twitch when she encountered the man later identified as an Indian national.

She was reportedly returning home when she ran into the man near a metro station who gave her a tip about which train to board.

However, after the initial exchange, the man kept on following her across the seemingly empty street in the middle of the night.

The woman, who is still live-streaming, is then seen trying to walk away from the man while attempting to laugh it off as he puts his arm around her.

She soon begins protesting as he will not stop touching her and she asks him: “Please, don’t hold my arm.”

But he keeps pursuing her and shamelessly asks her to come with him, saying: “Listen, come with me. I’m alone.”

Photo shows the man called Amit who sexually assaulted the Korean streamer in Hongkong, China, undated. He was arrested later. (AsiaWire)

She responds saying: “No, no, no,” and tries to rush into the underground metro station to escape him.

But the situation escalates as he follows her down and then pins her against a wall, inappropriately touching her.

He continues his assault despite her yelling out: “Please help me!”

At that moment, another man walks past, apparently scaring the perpetrator away, and she manages to wiggle away.

She thanks the passerby and runs further down the staircase before the footage cuts.

Afterwards, the clip was shared on X, formerly Twitter, where users identified the shameless groper as Amit.

Video shows a Korean streamer sexually assaulted by an Indian man during a live stream in Hong Kong, China, undated. The man was arrested. (AsiaWire)

One X user also shared an image of Amit and claimed he works the Rajasthan Rifles Indian Restaurant.

Hong Kong police later tracked down the 46-year-old suspect and arrested him.

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