A woman who came to hospital with a severe stomach ache was astonished when medics found a 16-kilogramme tumour attached to her ovaries.

Picture shows doctors with the removed tumour in Indore, India, undated. The tumour was 15kg. (CEN)

The giant growth had become so large it made walking and even eating difficult as it compressed all her internal organs.

Medics at the Index Hospital, in the city of Indore, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, estimated that it weighed around a third of the patient’s 49-kilogramme body weight.

A photo taken after the two-hour removal op – involving 15 medics – shows the procedure team standing around the tumour.

The huge growth looks like a giant suet pudding and weighed more than a baby moose.

Surgeons decided to operate immediately because they feared the tumour was so large it could burst inside the patient, named only as 41-year-old Sheetal.

Picture shows the Index Medical College in Indore, India, undated. Doctors removed a 15-kg tumour from a patient’s body. (CEN)

One of the team -Dr. Atul Vyas – said the tumour had swallowed so many blood vessels that even the slightest slip could have triggered massive internal bleeding.

Mayuri Sharma – a relative of Sheetal – said that she had visited many hospitals in the area seeking help and had been turned down by all of them.

But now she is out of danger and has a chance of living a normal life again.

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