This seemingly carefree woman was filmed riding a scooter around traffic with half a watermelon for a helmet.

Her bizarre choice of safety gear turned heads and drew curiosity from baffled passersby who stopped to snap images of her waiting at a red light in Jinan, in eastern China’s Shandong Province.

One piece of footage – shared on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok – shows the woman wearing a checkered dress and a hollowed-out watermelon rind for a helmet.

She had apparently even cut up small holes in the front so her eyes are not covered while riding.

Several bystanders are seen staring at the woman who, incredibly, does not seem embarrassed but even snorts at the person filming.

In another piece of footage, the same woman is seen wearing a newly cut-up rind and snacking on leftover watermelon.

A woman wears a watermelon instead of a helmet in Jinan, China, undated. She opened two small openings in the front of the watermelon helmet to see clearly. (73122179054/AsiaWire)

Apparently used to attracting attention, rather than being annoyed with the cameraperson’s closeness she instead offers a piece of watermelon before she goes on her way.

Many users admired her carelessness, and many more took the opportunity to poke fun at the situation.

One user titled ‘Twinkle’ said in a comment: “I like her state of mind being herself and doing whatever she wants.”

Another user titled ‘Zhao Kele’ said: “This is called making the best use of everything, not wasting a bit.”

And user ‘Addition and Subtraction’ wrote: “Using a chilled watermelon rind to cool the brain.”

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