A TikTok video in which a man starts to panic after getting stuck in a waterslide has gone viral, notching up more than 48 million views at the time of writing.

The footage begins with the man, known as Jami, eagerly standing at the top of a vertical drop slide, anticipating the exhilarating ride in footage that was apparently shot on 10th June.

According to reports from Malaysian media, the incident took place at the Escape Theme Park in Penang, where Jami had embarked on the Super Looper water slide.

As he plunges into the plastic tunnel, everything seems to be going smoothly at first. However, after planting for a few seconds Jami abruptly comes to a halt, finding himself stuck midway down the slide.

In a state of panic, Jami tries to regain momentum by spinning himself around, but his efforts prove futile as he gets stuck again.

Frustrated and distressed, he crawls up and down the narrow, enclosed slide, desperately seeking an exit while calling for help – presumably worried that another jumper might collide with him.

Jami R getting stuck midway down a water slide in Penang, Malaysia. He was stuck twice and an attendant helped him out of a small trap door on the side of the slide. (@jamii.talib/CEN)

Fortunately, Jami eventually reaches an escape hatch located nearby, which a vigilant lifeguard promptly opens. Sheepishly emerging from the slide, Jami admits to the lifeguard, “I got stuck.”

In the video’s caption, Jami vows that this would be his “first and last time” attempting such a slide, emphasizing the lasting impact of the traumatic episode.

The video evoked a combination of amusement and unease among viewers.

While some shared Mr. Jami’s distress, others revealed that it had “unlocked” a new fear for them.

One TikTok user succinctly expressed, “My claustrophobia can’t deal with this.”

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