This shocking footage shows two motorcycles colliding inside a tunnel as the one riding further back attempts an illegal overtake from the right.

Video footage shows the final moments of the accident which reportedly took place in Xi’an, in north-western China’s Shaanxi Province.

In the video, a female rider can be seen travelling on a motorbike inside a tunnel.

Suddenly, another biker appears from behind her and attempts to overtake her from the right.

But as the other biker tries to speed past her, they accidentally ram the back wheel of the woman’s motorbike and both of them lose balance.

The woman is thrown to the ground as her motorcycle flies several feet in the air before crashing on the asphalt.

A motorcycle driver illegally overtakes the motorcycle in front from the right while driving in the same lane in Xi’an, China, undated. The two vehicles collided and the driver of the car in front of him was knocked away. (AsiaWire)

Luckily, both survived the accident but had to be treated at hospital for their injuries.

The Xi’an traffic police confirmed the motorcyclist from behind bears full responsibility.

Police reminded all road participants that overtaking from the right side and overtaking in tunnels is strictly prohibited.

They also reminded all motorcyclists to keep their helmets on at all times as they are the primary responsible party for their own safety.

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