A water pipeline has resulted in a massive leakage of water in India after it surged more than 70 feet into the air close to residential complexes.

The incident in which gallons of water went to waste after a pipeline burst in the neighbourhood of Oshiwara, located in northern Mumbai, India happened at around 2.45pm on Wednesday, 23rd August.

Video footage of the scene shows water gushing around the residential buildings near the popular Infinity Mall, and making it to more than 70 feet in height.

As it spouts from the fractured pipeline and reaches heights comparable to eight to ten-storey buildings the water can be seen landing on balconies.

Moreover, one of the recordings shows the whole area around the mall being flooded due to the incident as people struggle to find their way through the massive amounts of water.

Officials from the Mumbai civic body said that the affected pipeline had a diameter of 1,200 millimetres.

A water pipe bursts in Andheris Oshiwara in India, Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023. It shot water several feet high in the air reaching buildings. (CEN)

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) stated that the hydraulic department promptly halted the water supply within the pipeline and immediately initiated repair work.

They added that due to the incident, there will be no water supply to some areas including Millat Nagar, SVR Nagar, MHADA and Lokhandwala until the pipeline is repaired.

A state official said: “Repair work has already begun, and once it is finished, water will be delivered.

“Only once the pipe has been completely dewatered and the reason for the pipe burst is known can our engineers evaluate the issue.”

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