A bus conductor accused of molesting schoolgirls on his route in India was forced to make a bizarre walk of shame with a snake charmer’s flute blaring in his ears.

The baffling street justice punishment was enforced by police in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh after one of his victims complained she had been indecently assaulted.

Video footage of the sentence shows the conductor wincing as he walks with the snake charmer’s shrieking pipes just inches from his ear.

Then – as he reaches the end of his walk – he is forced to do a series of squat thrusts before the footage ends.

The conductor – named in local media as Jayendra Rawat – later said: “I respect all girls and women in the future.”

Police make Jayendra Rawat do squats and walk as snake charmer plays, in Madhya Pradesh, India, undated. He allegedly molested girl students while they were travelling on a bus that he was the conductor of. (CEN)

The bus worker was caught by India’s new crime reporting system known as ‘daughter boxes’.

Under the scheme girls and women can report harassment by men informally without going to a police station.

The conductor was reported by a 16-year-old victim who said he was notorious for groping girls on their way to school.

Boxes have been set up around schools, colleges, shopping centres and fitness studios.

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