A married couple who have nine daughters sparked online controversy after saying they have finally welcomed a boy on the 10th try.

Photo shows the family of 10 children in Guizhou, China, undated. They have nine girls and the youngest is a son. (chenyuyuan53/AsiaWire)

The family of 12, who were not named, reportedly live in a rural area in Guizhou Province, south-west China.

The couple drew mixed reactions on social media after boasting about becoming parents to a boy after having nine girls.

It is unclear what the age of the oldest daughter is, but she is a senior in high school, local media reported.

Their youngest and only son is just two years old.

Images shared by the couple show their nine well-dressed daughters standing together in a living room next to their mother with their little brother in her arms.

Some online spectators on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, admired the seemingly joyous family, while others criticised the couple for favouring a boy over a girl.

Photo shows the father with his son in Guizhou, China, undated. The family has nine girls and the youngest is a son. (chenyuyuan53/AsiaWire)

One user titled ‘Little pretty’ commented: “No matter what, I saw that the children were all going to school. This couple is quite responsible. The children are all wearing clean clothes, well fed, and warmly dressed.”

User ‘Kite flies into the clouds’ said: “It’s amazing that hard-working parents can raise so many children.”

While ‘Xi Yuan’ wrote: “It shouldn’t matter if you give birth to a son or a daughter, just let nature take its course and only seek health, not gender.”

And ‘language’ said: “Children born in such a family do not receive the attention and love of their parents. There are too many children and parents do not pay much attention to their emotional needs.”

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