This is the hilarious moment an elderly man throws himself in front of a car before rolling around theatrically as if injured in an attempt to claim insurance compensation.

But the laughter of people who witnessed the incident convinces him that this time round he might not get away with it, so he quickly gets up and hurries away following the stunt in the Chinese province of Liaoning.

The video shows the elderly man throwing himself in front of a car, while a woman behind him is filming the incident.

The driver was however seemingly expecting the man’s move, and he slows down to avoid hitting him.

What made the driver more suspicious about the incident was the strange behaviour of two men who were with the elderly man, according to local media.

The driver reportedly suspected that the elderly man had brought his own “witness team” to support his fraudulent claim.

The old man is seemingly forced to stop acting and settle for getting up and quickly leaving the scene.

Thankfully, the driver was able to avoid the fraud attempt and prevent the man from receiving any compensation.

The driver was also lucky enough to have a dashboard camera installed in his car, which could serve as evidence if the incident escalated.

The footage was shared by the driver on Douyin the Chinese version of TikTok, to raise awareness about this issue in China.

A user ‘Farming Maniac’ commented: “The old man looked embarrassed.”

While ‘Demure’ commented: “This kind of person should be severely punished.”

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