These images show a woman on a scooter being hit by a palm tree after ignoring multiple warnings.

She survived after being struck by a giant, falling tree that was ripped from the ground by city workers right when she was passing by despite reportedly being warned to stay away.

CCTV footage captured the incident, which took place on a street in Yangjiang, in eastern China’s Guangdong Province at around 10:22am on 14th September.

As the city braced itself for an oncoming typhoon, two workers were reportedly trying to take down the giant palm tree, ironically as a precautionary measure.

In the video, one of the workers can be seen cutting through the tree’s large trunk while the other pulls on it with a rope.

Man pulls down a tree which falls over a woman driving motorbike in Yangjiang, Guangdong in China, Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023. She was sent to a hospital for a treatment. (lHS8868/AsiaWire)

Meanwhile, the woman riding the scooter passes by right as the large tree comes crashing to the ground.

She appears to be trying to stick to the opposite side of the street to avoid it but she ends up getting swatted by the top of the tree and is trapped beneath the branches.

A witness identified as Mr Lin said the woman insisted on continuing down the street where the tree was being taken down despite efforts to stop her.

Fortunately, Mr Lin said she had a lucky escape and survived her ordeal with unspecified injuries. She was taken to hospital for treatment.

There have been no updates on her present condition.

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