This is the moment men climb up the frame of a giant Ferris wheel to rescue as many as 50 people after at least one of the carriages twisted and was left upside down.

The harrowing footage, going viral on social media, shows the men climbing along the frame high above the ground where one wrong move could have meant instant death.

The incident took place in the Narela area of the Indian capital Delhi, with the ride breaking down at around 10:30 pm and the rescue being carried out about 30 to 40 minutes later, on the evening of Wednesday, 18th October.

Some reports said that at least 20 people, including 12 women and four children, had been rescued, while other Indian media outlets said that as many as 50 people had to be rescued from the ride’s cabins.

One cabin in the footage appeared to be dangerously askew as the men climbing the ride’s frame carefully carried out the rescue.

People climb down a giant wheel when it stopped working in Delhi, India, on Wendsday, Oct. 18, 2023. At least 20 people, including four children, were rescued. (CEN)

It is currently unclear what caused the malfunction, with local media saying the authorities are investigating after the ride suddenly stopped working.

The Delhi police have launched an investigation, which is ongoing.

They said: “Everyone has been rescued safely. Legal action has been initiated against the organiser. We are further looking into the incident.”

The incident reportedly took place during a Navratri Mela festival, a post-monsoon Hindu event also known as the Nine Nights, which is observed in honour of the goddess Durga.

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