A quick-thinking man was praised for saving a two-year-old boy who was riding a toy scooter at high speed after losing control down a steep road in southwestern China.

The man, not named in local media was luckily walking up the hill in Honghe, in Yunnan Province, where the toddler was playing.

Street surveillance cameras captured the moment the child loses control of his wheeled toy and it begins moving downhill rapidly.

As the yellow toy picks up speed, the boy is sat helplessly going down the middle of the road and at risk of crashing somewhere dangerous.

But to his luck, the man spots the danger and rushes to help.

He kneels down and opens his arms wide to catch the out-of-control scooter, thankfully preventing a serious accident.

Other bystanders rush over to help the man while one woman picks up the boy in her arms to make sure he is safe and unharmed before the footage cuts.

Man saves a child who lost control of his scooter and rushed downhill in Honghe, Yunnan, China, undated. The child is two years old. (AsiaWire)

The man later received countless praises for his swift action from online users after the clip was shared on Douyin – China’s version of TikTok – where it received 18,000 likes and over 2,100 comments.

One user titled ‘Ge Rui’ left a comment saying: “Not every time that there is a danger, a hero will appear. Thank you for this, lifesaver.”

Another user titled ‘.’ wrote: “If it hits a wall at this speed, it could be fatal, or the boy can get hurt if it rolls over. This man really saved the child’s life.”

And user ‘mortal everyone’ said: “This is a real, kind, good man.”

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