This is the heartwarming moment a husband helps his wife go through a painful recovery process after giving birth with a C-section by handing her GBP 10 for each step she takes at the hospital ward.

The creative husband, surnamed Shi, was filmed supporting his wife’s recovery while she was recuperating at the maternity ward in Jilin, north-eastern China.

In the footage, Shi can be seen handing CNY 100 (GBP 10) to his wife, dressed in hospital patient wear, every time she takes another step in the corridor.

Despite being in visible pain, the woman slowly moves forward and happily accepts each banknote.

The new mum had reportedly given birth just three days earlier via a cesarean delivery.

Although it takes about six weeks to heal from the procedure, doctors advised her to get up from the bed and walk a little to aid circulation and prevent any blood clots.

A man gives his wife USD14 (GBP 10) as encouragement for each step she managed to make during recovery from a cesarean birth in Jilin, China, undated. She walked for about 20 minutes that day. (45720708136/AsiaWire)

She managed to stay moving for about 20 minutes with the help and generous encouragement from her husband.

Shi said: “The main purpose was to get my wife out of bed to exercise more.

“I thought of a way to motivate her by giving her CNY 100 [10 GBP] for each step she takes.

“In the end, she managed to walk for about 20 minutes.”

The act earned Shi many praises after the video was shared on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, where it gained over 82,000 likes and around 43,000 comments, with countless users saying they were touched by the gesture.

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