Determined tourists who tried to define a ban on people walking to a picturesque waterfall during the monsoon season because it was dangerous have been forced to do physical exercise after being caught by railway police.

The group of tourists can be seen standing alongside the tracks being made to do exercises by members of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the local authority department after they were caught on the tracks trying to reach the spectacular Dudhsagar Falls.

It is located on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa and is one of India’s tallest waterfalls, with a height of 310 metres (1,017 feet) and an average width of 30 metres (100 feet).

But officials at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park where it is located, closed it off because of the danger of accidents from the heavy rainfall, which caused a huge wall of water to flood down the valley at this time of year.

Officials have tried to stop the number of visitors by making sure the trains did not stop at local stations, but instead, they simply arrange to walk along the tracks to get the best view in defiance of the monsoon visiting ban.

Photo shows group of trekkers. They were made to do sit-ups for going to Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa, India. (CEN)

In order to discourage the visitors, the but it was shared of masses of people being stopped and punished including being forced to do physical exercise by stick welding officials.

The Goa government last week banned people from visiting waterfalls in the state after two persons drowned at Mainapi waterfall in Sanguem taluka.

The South Western Railway released even posted a tweet urging people not to walk along the tracks.

In a tweet, it said: “We urge you to savour the beauty of Dudhsagar Falls from within your coach. Walking on/along tracks not only endangers your own safety, but is also an offence under sections 147, 159 of Railway Act. It can also endanger safety of trains,”

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