Zoo goers were stunned when a giant panda gave them a short performance by running towards a spotlight created by the way the sun was hitting its enclosure and stopping to pose for them.

The panda, named Lingyan, apparently loves to give visitors a bit of a show each time they come to
Luanchuan Bamboo Sea Safari Park in Henan, north-central China.

And the cunning black-and-white bear has seemingly figured out how to make itself stand out even further.

An unnamed visitor filmed Lingyan during one recent zoo trip, where she appears to notice the fan and immediately runs over to the middle of the enclosure so they can get a better look.

It dashes straight towards an area illuminated by sunlight that almost appears like it is Lingyan’s own, personal spotlight.

The giant panda Lingyan runs forward and then makes a handsome back brake appearance in Henan, China, undated. The video was posted on Douyin the Chinese version of TikTok. (122899902/AsiaWire)

Lingyan then performs a stunning turn to face the audience, then stays in the same spot for them to apparently be able to snap pictures, seemingly even holding a confident, satisfied grin for them.

Its modelling skills did not go unnoticed as the video quickly racked up some 43,000 likes and over 2,400 comments on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok.

One user titled ‘Sky blue to see the sea’ commented: “It thinks this pose is very handsome, and it also ran under the pure natural spotlight.”

Another user titled ‘Niu Niu’ said: “It seems to be very pleased with this action.”

And ‘Give a hint’ wrote: “Lingyan: These human beings are stunned by me.”

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