This is the funny moment a cat jumps up and begins dancing with its owner.

The incident took place in Jinhua, in China’s Zhejiang province, on 14th May when Wangwang the cat jumped up and apparently started dancing with its female owner.

The footage, filmed by the woman, shows the cat lying on the floor in front of her while she dances in front of the TV.

Suddenly the cat leaps up on its hind legs and waves its front paws around, apparently dancing along with her in the short clip, causing her to burst out laughing.

The cat actively participated in the owner’s training in Jinhua, Zhejiang province on May 14 2024. The cat’s sudden movements made the woman take a few steps back and then burst into laughter. (Wangwang is not Wangwang/Asiawire)

Online commentators like ‘Goodbai’ said: “This cat makes me laugh so hard.”

And user ‘Shuangxiu Calligraphy And Painting Class Wang Luzeng’ said: “Wagging the head and wagging the tail, whoever dances will be happy.”

While the user ‘Ergouy’ said: “The cat dances better than you.”

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