This is the dramatic moment firefighters rescue a five-year-old boy after he crawled inside a claw machine to grab a toy and got trapped.

The fire department reportedly rushed to scene after receiving a call about the trapped boy in Fuquan, in south-western China’s Guizhou Province on 12th September.

When the firefighters arrived, they found a five-year-old boy unable to escape inside the machine.

Phone footage shows the determined boy still clutching a plush toy in his hand, but unable to climb back out the way he had come.

According to local media, the boy crawled in through the prize exit shortly after he noticed the glass box full of toys.

However, since the claw machine had a one-way door, he could not climb out and began shouting for help.

Mr Li, an eyewitness, said that he was startled to find a child inside the doll machine. He went to look for the owner, but they could not find the key.

A 5-year-old boy is trapped inside a claw machine in Guizhou, China, undated. He got into the machine to get a doll. (AYASH1019/AsiaWire)

The child’s parents then called emergency services to get him out.

The boy, frightened and crying after being trapped for a while, was comforted by firefighters upon their arrival.

Firefighters then used a screwdriver to remove the glass cabinet lock of the machine.

After approximately five minutes, the boy was able to safely slide outside without major injuries.

The fire department reminded the public: “Children are curious and playful, so parents must always keep a close watch on them in outdoor entertainment areas and other places.

“Additionally, it’s crucial to provide safety education to prevent similar incidents.”

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