These images show how fairgoers were left stranded in mid-air after the amusement ride they were on suddenly stopped working.

The incident took place at the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park in the Malaysian state of Pahang, on a cold, rainy day this month.

The person filming can be heard saying that people were left stranded in the air after the ride came to an abrupt stop.

The woman, named only as Jaclyn on TikTok, where the footage is going viral and has notched up over 500,000 views so far, explained that she had been queuing for the Samba Gliders ride.

She said she was waiting for over an hour before staff told them to leave because the ride had “technical issues”.

That is when she said she realised that about 10 people were stuck up in the air after the ride malfunctioned.

Photo shows tourists stuck on Genting Skyworlds Theme Park’s ride in Malaysia in September 2023. They were waiting to be rescued. (@monolidtreasure/CEN)

She said she was grateful in the end to have not been able to go on the ride.

A second piece of footage filmed in August shows how another ride suddenly stopped working, leaving people trapped on it.

Local media reported that locals have said that this type of incident occurs on a regular basis at the theme park.

It is not clear how long it took before the ride started working again and people were able to get off it.

It is currently unclear if the authorities are investigating the theme park and its malfunctioning rides.

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