This 72-year-old grandma proved age is just a number as she hopped up on a horse and guided her cattle towards the grazing fields in true cowboy fashion.

One piece of footage shows the fierce grandmother – not named in local media – setting out to herd dozens of cows somewhere in Inner Mongolia, a largely pastoral region in northern China.

In the video, the old woman with a hunched back is seen slowly walking towards a tall horse.

Her sons and grandsons accompany her as she moves next to the horse and help her up on the saddle.

Incredibly, as soon as she sits on the horse’s back, the grandma immediately straightens her posture.

The woman appears to have regained her youthfulness as soon as she mounts the animal and heads out into the open field.

A 72-year-old grandmother insists on herding horses in Inner Mongolia, China, undated. She walked to the horse with a hunched back but when she rode it her waist straightened up. (1491843191/AsiaWire)

Then – in another piece of footage – the granny is seen vigorously chasing after her cattle and making sure none of the cows run off while grazing in the vast grassland.

The 72-year-old received widespread admiration from online users after the images were shared on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok.

One user titled ‘8561689846256’ said in a comment: “The old lady looks like a general after getting on the horse.”

While another user titled ‘strong brother’ said: “This old woman is awesome, she is a role model for young people to learn from.”

And user ‘Turned sister’ wrote: “I want to herd sheep with this grandma.”

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